Andy Bell tillbaka som Torsten

Andy Bell Torsten in QueereteriaNytt soloalbum på Cherry Red.

Den 12 april släpper Erasure-sångaren Andy Bell sitt tredje soloalbum som sitt alter ego Torsten, “a semi-immortal polysexual who is destined to love many, lose many and be haunted by bittersweet memories, due to his unnaturally elongated life”, som det står i pressmeddelandet.

Torsten in Queereteria är strukturerat i fyra akter:

Act 1 : Remembrance, Youth and Beauty.
01 – A Hundred Years Plus Today
02 – You Stampede An Open Wound
03 – Lowland Lowriders
04 – I Am Of The Sea

Act 2 : The Hedonism And The Hurting.
05 – Cabaret Awayday
06 – Queereteria
07 – If We Want To Drink A Little

Act 3 : Bitter Regrets.
08 – Thou Shalt Be My Vibe
09 – Money With Menaces
10 – Let’s Be Sober Another Time
11 – Come And Taste My Breakdown

Act 4 : To Mourn And To Miss.
12 – To Know Good Men From Perverts
13 – We Hadn’t Slept For Twenty Years
14 – Silence Is Golden
15 – Not Opting Out

Läs mer och förbeställ ditt exemplar här på standard-cd respektive bokförpackad cd med bonusmaterial.

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