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Saint Etienne hyllar Home Counties

Saint Etienne Home CountiesNytt album i juni.

Saint Etienne Home Counties

På nya fullängdaren Home Counties har Bob, Pete och Sarah i Saint Etienne låtit sig inspireras av de grevskap runt London där de alla tre växte upp och de bitterljuva känslor som The Home Counties väcker hos dem.

Home Counties producerades av Shawn Lee och släpps på Heavenly den 2 juni i formaten LP, CD och kassett med nedanstående spår. Förbeställ ditt eget exemplar här:

Home Counties
1. The Reunion
2. Something New
3. Magpie Eyes
4. Whyteleafe
5. Dive
6. Church Pew Furniture Restorer
7. Take It All In
8. Popmaster
9. Underneath The Apple Tree
10. Out Of My Mind
11. After Hebden
12. Breakneck Hill
13. Heather
14. Sports Report
15. Train Drivers In Eyeliner
16. Unopened Fan Mail
17. What Kind Of World
18. Sweet Arcadia
19. Angel Of Woodhatch

Läs nedan vad Sarah, Pete och Bob själva hade att säga i pressmeddelandet och se om du kan upptäcka de inte särskilt väl dolda Pet Shop Boys-anspelningarna. Längst ner på sidan hör du nya spåret “Heather”.

Sarah: “We had so much fun writing for this album, drawing influence from our teenage years growing up in the home counties. Bob, Pete and I led almost parallel lives while I was in Windsor and they were in Surrey, developing our passion for music and London. Shawn Lee was a joy to work with, he’s a wonderful multi-instrumentalist who seemed to have some kind of telepathy with us and translated our ideas perfectly. The record is quite varied in styles and brings together a little something from all our past albums whilst sounding completely new.”

Bob: “Suburbia’s anonymity is exactly why it’s a source of inspiration. They said it couldn’t happen here – and it didn’t.”

Pete: “We took a ride and ran with the dogs”

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