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Ny Human League-samling

Sammanfattar åren på Virgin Records.

Den 5 juni släpps lågprissamlingen The Human League Essential på Universal-labeln Spectrum. Materialet täcker in åren på Virgin Records, vilket innebär att hits som “Don’t You Want Me”, “Love Action (I Believe in Love)”, “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” med flera finns med.

Med 41 spår fördelade över tre cd finns även utrymme att gräva lite djupare i Sheffieldgruppens katalog. Se låtlista nedan.

1. Don’t You Want Me
2. (Keep Feeling) Fascination
3. The Sound Of The Crowd
4. Open Your Heart
5. Life On Your Own
6. Louise
7. Hard Times
8. You Remind Me Of Gold
9. I Love You Too Much
10. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
11. I’m Coming Back
12. Let’s Get Together Again

1. Love Action (I Believe In Love)
2. Mirror Man
3. The Lebanon
4. Love Is All That Matters
5. Heart Like A Wheel (William Orbit Remix)
6. I Need Your Loving
7. Love On The Run
9. Soundtrack To A Generation (Orbit Mix)
10. Kiss The Future
11. Men Are Dreamers
12. Rebound
13. The Stars Are Going Out
14. Dreams Of Leaving

1. Together In Electric Dreams (by Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder)
2. Human
3. Being Boiled
4. Empire State Human
5. Boys And Girls
6. The Path Of Least Resistance
7. Blind Youth
8. Morale… / You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
9. Marianne
10. Rock ‘N’ Roll / Night Clubbing
11. Only After Dark
12. WXJL Tonight
13. Crow And A Baby
14. I Don’t Depend On You (by The Men)
15. Tom Baker

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Sheffield 1978-1988.