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Aberrant Behavior – an interview with Adora Batbrat

Swedish Zero Magazine talked to the wonderful and glamorous Adora Batbrat about her new band!

 Tell us a little bit about how the Aberrant Behavior project started? How did Adora BatBrat and Benjamin Schoones meet and when did you decide to start a collaboration?
– We met when we were drinking the dark rum “Kraken” at Amphi last year, invited by our friend Jérémie from the band Super Dragon Punch. So next week we celebrate our one year anniversary! We started writing on Facebook and it turned out he was the guy I’ve been waiting for: the guy who does everything, so I just need to write lyrics and sing. We felt we should really start a band. We look good together, you see. I probably said, ”We look so good together, you and I should form a band.”

Photo: Ana Isabel Fontes Correia

Aberrant Behavior is an interesting band name, that leads the mind to human lust and decadence. Why did you choose it and does it have a deeper meaning for you?
­– A very good interpretation. I have a very sick brain, but have never had the opportunity to go all in and be as weird as I want to. ln my previous projects, I’ve just been singing about war and about killing people. The usual old stuff, you know. But now I have no restrictions and can be just as raw and uncensored as I please. It is even encouraged by Benjamin!

Can you tell us about the roles in the band?
– The beautiful Benjamin basically does everything in the band, besides writing lyrics. He makes all the music, produces, mixes, makes logos, edits videos etc etc. Though his major role is to be “eye candy”, according to me. I only write the lyrics and sing.

Is it not difficult to have a band with someone who’s living in another country?
– Thanks to Skype and Facebook, it’s very easy to have a band without physical limits. I get songs sent to me, then write the lyrics, sing into Cubase and send the material back to him. He adds sound effects and mixes it to a finished song. I’m a bit bitchy sometimes and tells him to change some things here and there, but he is quite responsive and listens to my comments. But well… I may get spanked when we meet next week…

Aberrant Behavior - Disorder

Where can we find your debut single ”Disorder”?
– I know we are on Bandcamp and 19 more platforms will follow, according to Benjamin. Among them Spotify and iTunes. We have been longing to show the world our band for a long time. Thus we released this single very spontanously when we got the opportunity. We haven’t really caught up with everything that’s going on yet, to be honest.

The title song, ”Disorder”, is a cover of an Asperger Synthdrome song (your other project). How has Benjamin changed it and what do you think of his interpretation?
– The music to “Disorder” was actually written by Henrik Nydell and the lyrics by me. Henrik and I had a short lived project called S.Ä.P.O together, but the song unfortunately didn’t see the light of the day back then. But it was later given to Asperger Synthdrome. Henrik’s original song is one of my personal favorites and is hard to beat, but I think Benjamin managed to put his personal touch to it. Henrik thinks Benjamin’s version is ”awesome”. That’s great to hear! It’s hard to explain what makes the new version great, but it’s a bit addictive…

How was it to record the video to “Disorder”?
– Since I live in a the military harbour town of Karlskrona with a father-in-law who was a lieutenant, I decided to shoot the video down at the Navy Museum in front of Sweden’s only minesweeper from World War II: the HMS Bremön. Like most goths, I’ve always been fascinated by military uniforms and took the opportunity to dress up for the song. It’s always exciting to shoot in public environments. I received the attention of a 70-year-old lady and her dog. We talked a little. Very nice! Unfortunately, Benjamin and I couldn’t shoot together this time, but he did an awesome job with the editing!

The second song on the single, ”Assfuck”, not only has an interesting title, but also lyrics that could be interpreted in many ways. Is it about crushing the patriarchy and about female emancipation? Or is it just about good ol’ sex?
– I’m too selfish to care about crushing any patriarchs. So yes, it’s just about sex. There is nothing to read between the lines. It’s about an ordinary night out in my life. Assfucking young boys is a hobby of mine. The more they suffer the better.

Photo: Ana Isabel Fontes Correia

Which bands and artists have influenced your electronic sound?
– Let’s ask Benjamin and hear what he says. Ok, this is what he told me: ”I listen to Diary of Dreams, IAMX and Gazelle Twin, but I do not take my inspiration from anything when I write music.”

Both ”Disorder” and ”Assfuck” feel like dancefloor songs. Do you agree?
– Well, our ambition is that our music should be seen as “sleazy, sexy synth music”, so the idea is rather that it should be a bit seedy. There already are many good bands making uptempo music. We wanted to invent our own genre. I’m happy you see the songs as dance friendly, though!

You’re an extremely stylish band and look amazing together. How important is image to you? And can you tell us a little bit about the London promo pictures?
– I’m a product of the 80’s, the good old days when ”looks were more important than music”. Just kidding. But one of the many good things about the 80’s was that the bands looked great and inspired us teenagers. Dave Gahan was a style god, Martin Gore is still associated with black and white striped socks and Douglas McCarthy made “Nitzer Ebb shorts” a concept. Teens are lured in by the surface, but remain in for the extraordinary music. Step one, to attract them, is still as important as having the substance to back it up with. Since I live in Sweden and Benjamin in the Netherlands, it was very convenient to meet up in London to take our promo pictures. We had a good photographer, Ana Isabel Fontes Correia, and her pictures worked very well with our vision. With the clothes from House of Harlot we found the clean, gothic new wave look we were striving for.


What will happen next for Aberrant Behavior?
We will release an EP in October. I don’t know yet if it will be a physical disc, but that is of course our dream. And concerts are on the top of our priority list! But the next step is to make a video to “Assfuck”. I am very excited about that!




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